In Conversation with Sheen Gurkha


Sheen Gurkha has been a writer at heart since childhood. She always wished to write and publish someday. She calls it her escape from reality. She is currently working with the Write Order Publications and wishes to study writing in the near future. She recently published her book “Thoughts of a Young Girl ” with “The Write Order Publications.” Below are the answers she responded to Interview Times Questionnaire:-

Q1- What keeps you Motivated to write ?

Answer: I think always having something going on around me. I tend to write from personal experience so all the adventures and experiences keep the pen flowing.

Q2- Recently you launched your new book, would you please like elaborate something about that ?

Answer: So it’s basically a collection of poems that I’ve written over the past few years. I started writing just as a source to vent till one day I had enough to publish something.

Q3- What difficulties did you face while writing and how you overcome them ?

Answer: The biggest problem faced by me is that sometimes the plot can go in different directions and I am never sure which way to go. I tend to just pick one randomly or sometimes ask others about which way to go.WhatsApp Image 2021-08-21 at 10.40.03 PM (2)Q4- What do you like to write more, poems or stories?

Answer: Poems definitely. They are short and can put across the point well.

Q5- Any writing tips you want to share with our readers ?

Answer: If you feel it then write one. One day that one line may come in handy.

Q6- How do you manage time for both work and Writing stuffs ?

Answer: Well I’ve always been an emotional person so I always had points where I wanted to be by myself. That’s when I usually write.

Q6- What are your future plans?

Answer: It’s a far fetched dream but I’ d love to become a great author someday. But apart from that, I’d like to become an editor and work with the Write Order to make it the greatest publishing house.

Image Courtesy : Sheen Gurkha

one can find her book “Thoughts of a Young Girl” on the link below,

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