India Asks UN Panel To Condemn Pakistan’s Attempts To Disrupt Disarmament Efforts


India has called on the UN committee dealing with disarmament to condemn Pakistan for its “nefarious and vicious” attempts to disrupt its work.

According to the reports, an Indian delegate stated at the UN General Assembly’s (UNGA) First Committee – “This Committee should not only categorically reject Pakistan’s nefarious and vicious designs but collectively condemn Pakistan for its repeated efforts to politicise its work and hijack its mandate.” He was replying to Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram’s attack on India that went outside the committee’s framework by raising the Kashmir issue.

To which the Indian delegate said –  “As the epicentre of global terrorism, Pakistan is the biggest destabilising force in the world and has repeatedly indulged in cross-border terrorism. They have no regard for UN principles. While Pakistan’s Permanent Representative speaks about peace and security here, his Prime Minister (Imran Khan) glorifies global terrorists like Osama Bin Ladin as ‘martyrs’. What more could be a better proof of the utter duplicity that this country is infamous for.”

The Indian delegate further said  “In contrast to India’s constructive approach on disarmament matters, Pakistan has only been disruptive. It is 25 years now, that the world is paying the price of Pakistan’s obstructionist tactics” in the Conference on Disarmament preventing it from adopting a programme of work.  Islamabad “has the dubious distinction of having single-handedly blocked the negotiations” on the Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty that would prohibit the production of highly-enriched uranium and plutonium that used in nuclear weapons.”


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