India currently the focus of global attention


The world wants India to be in their corner during the geopolitical crisis, whether they are PMs or FMs of European, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Pacific nations. This is somehow advantageous to the new world order we envision.With the onset of increasing geopolitical tensions around the world, whether in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, the world has undoubtedly discovered a new favourite. With the greatest number of foreign leaders visiting India in separate trips over the past 15 days, India has become a focus of attention.

Be it India’s diplomacy in these trying times or the global power a nation of 1.35 billion people has become, other nations are not only prioritising but also working to strengthen their relations with India while also taking into account India’s potential for future growth. As an Indian, I feel compelled to point out that this government has improved relations with nations that had languished without attention for a decade. This has made other countries aware that India is rising to claim its rightful place as a major world power.

If you’re wondering whether this article supports the BJP, the answer is no. But this is more of a summary of how the perception of India in the world is shifting and how it was suppressed from achieving what it deserved decades ago. Given that the leadership makes use of this talent and assists them in sustaining within the boundaries of the country, a country with the highest number of youth, the largest English-speaking population, and the proving the most educated immigrants to the world can make a significant difference. India has developed a “brand” over the past ten years that does not abandon its plans out of concern for western sanctions, but rather forges ahead with a unique brand of diplomacy that not even the UN can criticise.It makes sense given that, after China and the US, India will have the third-largest economy in the world by the end of 2029. Some people might find this surprising, but it will be very difficult to stop or even slow down India’s pace given the frequent and significant changes it has experienced over the past few decades.