India wants to prohibit the use of perfume by pilots and flight attendants.


According to a media source, a recently proposed legislation in India may penalize pilots who wear perfume. The country’s aviation industry’s regulatory body, the office of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), has suggested a change to its regulations addressing alcohol use. In the rules, it is previously mentioned that mouthwash is one such substance that might result in a positive breath test in addition to alcoholic beverages. However, a brand-new part makes scent a specific reference.

According to reports, “No crew member shall ingest any medicine or formulation or use any material, such as mouthwash, tooth gel, perfume, or any other similar product, which contains alcohol. This might lead to a positive breathalyzer test. Before accepting a flying assignment, every crew member using such medicine must see the corporate doctor.

Although fragrances can include very small levels of alcohol, it is not known if wearing perfume might result in a false positive breath test. In August 2015, the DGCA’s formal air safety regulations were approved. Through October 5, the planned expansion is open for public comment. The aviation industry has occasionally experienced problems with intoxicated pilots.

Pilot for Japan Airlines Katsutoshi Jitsukawa received a 10 month prison term in 2018 after a breath test immediately after takeoff revealed that his blood alcohol level was nine times the permissible limit. A Delta pilot from the US who was believed to be under the influence of alcohol was pulled off a fully boardinged aircraft prior to departure.

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