INOX would be opening its Franchise in Srinagar


Kashmir is slated to acquire its first multiplex theatre since the previous one closed in Srinagar in 1989, which is a significant step toward providing leisure and job possibilities to the Valley’s young. The 520-seat INOX-designed multiplex would be the first cinema in Kashmir, which last saw separatist conflict in 1989. It will offer a taste of cutting-edge cinematic entertainment as well as multiple food courts, making it especially appealing to families with small children. The interior design of the multiplex incorporates the ‘Khatambandh’ ceiling, which is representative of the Central Asian style of architecture popular in Kashmir.Kids will be drawn in by the multiplex’s various food outlets and other entertainment opportunities.According to Vijay Dhar, proprietor of the INOX multiplex in Srinagar, the purpose of reintroducing cinema in Kashmir is to give younger generations with the same entertainment accessible throughout the country. “This is for everyone’s enjoyment so that they may all enjoy the entertainment. Our children should be happy. They must also yell and holler. With the exception of sports and food, he observed, there is nowhere one may find entertainment.””We are altering the design significantly and integrating a Kashmiri touch, as well as cutting-edge infrastructure. We also aim to promote and encourage local food businesses in order to boost the appeal of our local cuisine “He stated.”We will operate the business with qualified locals. It is important to establish our own Kashmiri brand.” The establishment of a multiplex in Kashmir, which has long faced terrorism from the other side of the border, comes three years after the repeal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. The Valley’s theatres had closed in 1990 owing to an increase in militancy.

Subhechcha Ganguly

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