Inspiring Insights Unveiled at “Coffee Table Conversation” – A Resounding Success on 28th January 2024


In a literary symphony that resonated with wisdom and camaraderie, the “Coffee Table Conversation” held on January 28, 2024, proved to be an enlightening rendezvous for authors and book enthusiasts alike. Hosted by the dynamic Subhechcha Ganguly, Head of the Branch, the event gathered luminaries from the literary realm, including Promila Devi Sutharsan Huidrom, Ankit Saraf, Harshal Patil, Mehul Vora, Prachi Sachdev, Tushar Kiran Moodgal, Riddhima Sen, and Giselle Mehta.

The diverse panel of esteemed authors delved deep into the challenges faced by the literary community, offering profound insights and actionable solutions. The symposium unfolded as a beacon of inspiration, shedding light on the nuanced struggles that authors encounter in their creative pursuits.

Discussion points ranged from the daunting task of navigating the publishing landscape to the intrinsic hurdles of maintaining artistic integrity amidst commercial pressures. Each author shared personal anecdotes, fostering an environment of openness and shared experience.

More than just a discourse on challenges, the event illuminated pathways to overcoming obstacles. Authors presented strategies for resilience, emphasizing the importance of community, self-care, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The event’s unique format, akin to a cozy coffee table conversation, fostered an intimate and engaging atmosphere, allowing participants to connect with the speakers on a personal level.

Subhechcha Ganguly, in her role as the event host, expressed profound gratitude for the collective wisdom shared. “Today, we didn’t just discuss challenges; we celebrated the strength of the literary community. This Coffee Table Conversation serves as a testament to the resilience of authors and the power of collaborative solutions,” she remarked.

The resounding success of the “Coffee Table Conversation” lies not only in its exploration of challenges but in its provision of a roadmap for authors to navigate and triumph over them. As the literary world absorbs the echoes of this event, it stands inspired, united, and poised for new creative heights.

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