Interview with Eminent Author of “Anecdotes of a Mother”- Mona Sharma

by Subhechcha Ganguly

 Your book is based on one of the most interesting topics that we have come across. What made you think of this topic ?

I have had a fascination for books ever since I was a kid. My parents used to read lots of books to me when I was young. I could listen to the same story again and again. Later on I became an avid reader. This obsession with reading stories later manifested into my writing it.

My book is about anecdotes. These are small, funny and sometimes very meaningful conversations I have had with my children.  I would regale my family, friends and students with them.Later on with their encouragement and persistent demand, I penned them down for my readers.

 How long have you been in the profession of writing and do you have any experiences while writing the book which we can share with our reader ?

It’s been around 1 year since I have been compiling these anecdotes.

One incident that I remember is when I was writing an anecdote and the same was actually unfolding right before me. I had just finished writing an episode and got up from my chair and realized that it had started raining. I exclaimed Oh my God, it was raining.  My daughter who was sitting next to me corrected me and said ,it is not raining mom  it is only drizzling. Mom, she said ,why do you have to over dramatize everything.My daughter has been correcting me ever since she was a kid.Some lessons in life you have to learn again and again.

Readers will have to read the book to know which episode I am talking about.

A large portion of the youth is interested in writing ,is there any advice you want to give to them on how to start ?

Read a lot before you write. Reading opens new worlds for you and gives you an expression. You can discover yourself and your forte. So do extensive reading.

 Tell us something about your book so that the readers get a brief about the topic

Memories everyone has. But they fade away with time. To keep them fresh forever they need to be captured and penned down.

This book captures the essence of an innocent childhood, through some  funny and some very meaningful  conversations.Kids can be fun, kids can be joy but kids can also be quite a handful.Parents and their children will be able to identify with the various episodes presented in the book.Happy reading.

 Have you ever faced the situation of writers block ? If yes how did you overcome it ?

Writers block every one experiences at some time or the other. I have a very time tested formula for that. I simply go for a vacation. This way I get a break, rejuvenate myself and get to kick off some items from my bucket list. Gardening and socializing are some other tools I use to tide over the time.

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