Interview with Eminent Author of Sugar and Spice and Sutras of Life

In conversation with Eminent Author - Sonali Punj Singh


Let us know more about Sonali Punj Singh .She is the eminent Author of Sugar and Spice and Sutras of Life .Having keen interest in motivational write-ups , Sonali is also on the way to become a life coach soon .Her 3rd book Shiva and his quest will be published soon.Let us know more about her journey .

Q1) What inspired you to become an author , and take up writing ?

I like to express, I am very much inspired by Shakespeare’s readings and writing became a way of expression for me.
Also I want my words to live longer than my body.

Q2) “Sutras of life ” is a unique book .Tell the readers about the plot and how did you come up with the topic ?

This is a self help book with insights into our day to day emotions and decision making. I have expressed my take on certain topics like anger management, confidence, negative and positive thoughts etc in this book.

Q3) What inspired you to start your journey on becoming a life coach ?

I like connecting with people and be part of their journey. I have been doing it on and off but initially I thought of getting a certification to get a broader network to reach people and help them coming out of their sufferings but as I was in the process of my classes I understood there are better techniques to do so.

Q4)Give us a brief about the book Sugar and Spice .

It is a subtle romantic and family drama again deals with emotions of people in it… It is a love story of two people who are engaged and fall in love when families break the tie. It is an interesting plot which people can easily relate too.

Q5) Nowadays the youth is very focused on social media .They have stopped reading books which is affecting their vocabulary .What are your views on this topic ?

More than Vocabulary, more important is habit of reading and thinking.
I would also agree that number of books don’t make you a learned books but what you read makes a personality. It develops thought processes. One should definitely be a thorough reader but another thing which is most important is what is being read.. One should be selective in investing time and brains into the content being read.

Q6) You are also interested in writing poems and motivational write-ups .Do share a small quote with our readers.

Yes I have written couple poems and many quotes… My favourite is wake me in me.
Yes I have written few and have an old blogging site.

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