Interview with the Author who sows the seeds of the motivation

Interview with Rohit Shetty - Author of "When Success is the only choice "

by Subhechcha Ganguly

A large percentage of youth lacks motivation nowadays , what made you take up the topic of the book “When Success is the only choice ?”

“When Success is the only Choice” is a self help book which can guide the reader to achieve success in whatever area of personal interest he/she chooses.I always believed that when you are closer to success you might give up due to lack of motivation.This book would enable the reader to achieve success despite constant failures.The reader will have no option other than success being the only choice.

Since when have you been interested in writing ?

It’s almost been a decade.During a span of 10 years I was able to publish 4 books.My friends would encourage me a lot and motivate me to write more since the content seemed to be interesting.I also used to post content on FB which helped me a lot while writing.

 It takes a lot of hardwork and research to author a book , tell us about your experience behind this book

Yes Definitely…Hardwork and research is important but at the same time being disciplined and sticking to your goals helped.At times there was no motivation to write but sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and be focussed to your dreams.

 What do you think about inspiration ? And why inspiration is important according to you ?

In life it may often happen that you may give your 100 per cent,but you would wish to have a mentor who can guide you to reach your goals.Sometimes inspiration comes from within and at times you need support from your loved ones and friends.

 Can you share a short quote with the readers that would inspire them .

“A butterfly is a proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness,yet emerge something beautiful”

Tell us about your hobbies or something that keeps you happy ,except writing

Cricket has always been a great sport.Although I dont play a lot I like to watch them.MS Dhoni is a huge inspiration and I like to watch his matches.I like to watch movies which come with a message
Also I like to listen to music a lot during spare time.

-Rohit Shetty
Author : When Success is the only choice.

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