In Conversation with Zeenat – Dietician , We together

by Subhechcha Ganguly


 How did you come up with the thought of We together ?

Medicines are the temporary gift for a patient. It just controls your symptoms, not the root cause. We saw this in our friend and families,  we spend alot on medicine and drugs and end up having some or other side effects.  Also heard alot of time “jabtak jinda hai dawai chalti rhegi”High cost of medicine, bad smell of the medicine, long term use of the medicine and in  the end it just control your symptoms.Hence, we came with the idea of we-together 514 .It is an organisation which promote health and well-being for all . We believe in home cooked meal. No supplements No medicine.We are a group of 7 members who deals with daily problems. We have 7 members – Ayurvedic , Homeopathy , Yoga , Counsellor , Mental Health Support. Dietician. Hence the name We -together


 What is the main purpose of we together and how if functions ?


The main purpose of we-together 514 is to promote health, fitness and wellbeing. In the era of eating junk food and living sedentary lifestyle, we are very prone to many lifestyle disorder like PCOD , Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid malfunctioning etc.So our main moto is to make diet and well-being easy and available for all.We-together 514 works not only on the physical factor like exercise or diet but also give the same pin to mental part like mediation,yoga and mental health support.

 Can you tell us one unique feature about we together ?


The main feature is that our price is too low and affordable.And the benefit part is we have Everything you need for health and fitness.From Ayurveda to Homeopathy, to diet and yoga, exercise and mental health support!

 How can people contact you for joining ?

They can contact us  through any social media



What are your plans for the upcoming years ?


We promote health and we teach nutrition and diet to the aspirantsWe-together 514 have 45 days program, 3 month course and 6 months course where we really put our best teaching the students about heath, fitness, lifestyle, immunity and more we also provide intership program. All this functions in future will give strength to our company.Therefore our main moto will get satisfied; we aware people ;we teach people about theri health and can bring a helathy India in future.

Is there any hurdles you have placed so far and how have you overcome it ?


The main problem we faced in our career is about the word “DIET” . People think about diet only when they want to loose weight or wanna gain some pounds . No diet for Diabetes,no for cholesterol no for any other medical conditions.And what diet means to our local public is only ‘salad’ and ‘soup’ .But thanks to goddness. We move forward and started awareing and teaching people about healthy living.

Tell us about your team.

We are a group of 7 peopleAn ayurvedic doctor,  a homeopathic doctor, dietician ,gym and exercise trainer , yoga coach, mental health doctor , and a counselor .We all 7 work behind a client and help them to have healthy and better life ahead.

 Tell us a message you want to convey to the youth.

The main message we want to convey to our youth is that please please do only these five things and you can become as fit as you desire for- eat well, move often, sleep tight,stress light,drink water

And diet is for every one . We assure you – we will never say don’t eat your favourite food during diet | Promise|


Interview by : Subhechcha Ganguly

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