Is US Government in possession of UFO’s


David Grusch, a former officer in the United States Air Force (USAF) and a representative of intelligence, spoke before Congress today during a hearing on UFOs in an effort to clear up some of the questions surrounding them. Given that both parties have united to call for transparency regarding these meetings, it is one of the few areas on which they both agree.

He described the brutal punishment he received from his superiors once he began disclosing information about UFOs and verifying the presence of both non-human bodies and UFOs while testifying under oath. I am aware of ongoing planned retaliation against myself and other coworkers, he declared. “There were some of my colleagues who were brutally administratively attacked,” Mr. Grusch continued.This is what he called “administrative terrorism.” Furthermore, when he was appointed as a senior military official, he gave testimony concerning his UFO contacts and experiences. He captured a “space object” on film over 15 years ago. It shocked him to his core to see it move quicker than the “laws of physics” would normally allow. “It was going from like 50,000 feet to 100 feet in like seconds, which is not possible,” the former naval commander added. He added that the government has “intact and partially intact” alien football field-sized vehicles.

He also informed the MPs that although the government had acquired biological materials classified as “non-human,” he had not personally witnessed an alien. During a training exercise in 2004, David Fravor, a former Navy commander, and Grusch both asserted to have seen an odd object in the sky. Ryan Graves, a veteran Navy pilot who also formed the non-profit Americans for Safe Aerospace, claimed to have come across a UAP off the coast of the Atlantic “every day for a couple of years.”The Pentagon has refuted all of Grusch’s allegations of a cover-up. Any credible information “to substantiate claims that any programmes regarding the possession or reverse engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently,” according to a statement from the military department.


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