Is walking on streets at midnight illegal in Bangalore?

Police issues a 3000INR fine for a couple walking on streets

by Subhechcha Ganguly

On a late Thursday night in Bengaluru, a couple was reportedly fined by two cops and their phones were taken away for allegedly violating the prohibition on walking on the streets after 11 p.m.The husband, Karthik Patri, described the ordeal he and his wife went through on Twitter. Residents of Manyata Tech Park include the couple.

“I’d like to talk about a horrible experience my wife and I had the previous evening. Midnight was approaching at 12:30. We live in a society behind Manyata Tech Park, so my wife and I were making our way home after attending a friend’s cake-cutting ceremony,” Patri recalled.

He claimed that when a patrol van stopped close to them and two guys in uniform asked they display their ID cards, they were just a few metres from their entrance gate. “We were shocked by it. Why should a normal day adult couple walking down the street be required to produce their ID cards? “explained he.The police officers were in a Pink Hoysala vehicle; Pink Hoysala is expected to respond quickly to complaints made through the Suraksha Panic app and police control room number 112.The cops asked the pair for images of their Aadhaar cards before taking their phones and interrogating them about personal information.

The couple apologised for not knowing about the rule, but the police would not let them go and demanded 3,000 as a fine, according to Patri.Anoop A. Shetty, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North East Division, Bengaluru City, thanked Patri for bringing it to their attention and promised him harsh punishment in his response to the Twitter thread.


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