Jannat Zubair finds herself in a very challenging circumstance

by Subhechcha Ganguly

One of the hardest things to accomplish when dieting is to avoid your favourite foods while your friends and family indulge in them in front of you. And anyone who has tried a diet will be able to relate to this feeling… It’s torture, for sure! Recently, the actress Jannat Zubair too went through same torture. The social media personality recently posted a clip detailing the challenge of adhering to a tight diet while out with friends and trying to avoid your favourite foods.Relatable? is how Jannat captioned the video. She is seen in the video dining with her best friend in a cafe. She tries not to stare at Jannat’s companion and turns her face to the other side while she eats a chocolate drink.Jannat can be seen in the video sporting a red salwar suit. She was barely wearing any makeup and kept her stress expression open. Jannat’s expression is impossible to ignore and will leave you speechless.


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