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Leading into a new dawn, the Kohli way

Leading into a new dawn, the Kohli way
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As we step into a new dawn and a new calendar, we(Leading into a new dawn, the Kohli way) get into a mix of brainstorming and introspection to choose ‘Man of the Year’, ‘Personality of the Year’ and ‘Inspirational Leadership of the Year’ and so on.

Newshounds and institutions of repute get involved to a tiresome extent to cull legends who have left an enduring imprint on people’s mindscape. While titles and felicitation are a part of our constant endeavor, let’s not be oblivious to the events that created a ferment in our minds as we walk into a Brand New 2020.

2019 saw Narendra Modi sweeping polls and reclaiming an even more massive mandate than 2014. The Modi wave of 2014 had snowballed into a tsunami in 2019 that swept the political opposition of all stripes.

Citizens expected that with a brute majority in his favor, the Prime Minister in his second incarnate would pull all stops to lift a sagging economy, create jobs, revive investor confidence and pull back the somber sentiment to restore the country on an even keel. Distressingly, the hopes have evaporated.

Endowed with a crushing majority, the Modi led dispensation exploited the opportunity to create mayhem across the country. First, the arbitrary abrogation of Article 370 without the approbation of the state legislature sent shockwaves across the Kashmir valley.

Popular leaders were arrested and still in detention, internet and other communication paralyzed- to encapsulate democracy was strangulated. India’s image in international fora got sullied beyond repair with western media outlets taking turns to heap blame on the misdemeanors of the Modi government.

And, if the Kashmir gaffe wasn’t enough, the Modi government unleashed a monumental blunder in the form of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

CAA has spawned widespread protests for its discriminatory provisions. The Bill was termed ‘pathologically anti-Muslim’ for it flung open the doors of Indian citizenship to all religions facing persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh save Muslims.

But I(Leading into a new dawn, the Kohli way) would refrain from engaging the readers on political conundrums.

What will be archived in memory from 2019 is the exemplary performance of Indian skipper Virat Kohli(new dawn). Not only has he been a run glutton, but Kohli(new dawn) has also made his runs count and led India to the shores of win.

Year after year under Kohli’s(Leading into a new dawn, the Kohli way) formidable leadership, India has catapulted to the top slot in international rankings. ICC’s cricket rankings are as much a testament to the Indian cricket team’s magical consistency as to Kohli’s sublime leadership.

Even a perfunctory look at Kohli’s(Leading into a new dawn, the Kohli way) batting stats would confirm his staggering performance. He has amassed the most runs in calendar 2019 in all formats of the game.

To put it straight, he has aggregated a whopping 2455 runs in 44 one day appearances, leaving behind his peers by furlongs. 2019 has turned out to be the fourth year on a trot when Kohli has aced other batsmen and accumulated the most runs to his credit.

What more do we expect from such a flamboyant player? His incredible consistency, unrivaled skills, and pertinacious spirit trump all. An ode to his batting genius or leadership mettle would not be able to do justice to his reservoir of talent. As countrymen, we are all profoundly grateful to Kohli for keeping the flame of excellence perpetually glowing.

Still, when we mull over mainstream India, it gives us heartache. Invoking Section 144 and crippling the internet to crush protests has become an eyesore. An emergency-like situation is prevailing though the government is oblivious to the scale of protests and its ramifications.

Let the men manning the government comes to grips with this grim situation. A second Emergency is the last thing the citizens want given that the scars of the first still hurt. For us, the nation comes first, undeniably. The onus is on the government to show both resilience and restraint. And, not undermine the secular sentiments.

We can humbly plead to our elected representatives to take cues from the Indian cricket captain. The learnings from Kohli’s leadership will help raise the bar on the performance of both Parliamentarians and legislators. I hope a change is in the churn for this change is bound to play on.

To all readers, a Happy New Year 2020.

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