Leading the Technology Way- Beyond, Mr. Ganesh Mishra, Founder & Director- WayIndia & News Bell

by prisita


Information Technology has been the next step for change. Being in a field of technology change and innovation needs to be the root of growth. Processing with such ideologies we have two efficient leaders with us who have changed the way how we take technology into count.

Mr. Ganesh Mishra & Mr. Debadatta Behera are the founders & directors of WayIndia Software Solution Pvt. Ltd & News Bell. This company WayIndia is powered by the cutting-edge technology of the twenty-first century and enables successful platform-based Digital transformation initiatives for businesses to innovate, transform, and foster businesses that can drive positive, long-lasting change for clients, our people, and society at large.

Mr. Mishra is also the Director of News Bell, a multilingual news aggregator app, that may present a wide range of themes like politics, elections, sports, entertainment, business, food, science, and technology. He heads this supersonic branch which is located in Bangalore.

Wayindia offers comprehensive software solutions that support lean principles, helping businesses to boost productivity right away and get an edge over rivals. They provide their clients the services of their “go-to” market expert consultant, who combines extensive knowledge of the industry and business with unmatched proficiency in the implementation and use of BPM systems, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Big Data solutions. They serve sectors including steel and power, engineering, auto parts, real estate, mining and sponge iron, pharmaceutical and agro-based, chemical, and cement. They were among the first to implement the breakthrough idea in information technology. They can serve as a singular source of service providers for our clients whenever necessary.

Mr. Mishra opines, we are steadfastly committed to providing consistently high quality in every area of our operations. We offer several extra data center services to complement our complete application management for packaged ERP and CRM. We think that each client is different and that over time, each client’s perception of value will evolve.

They work have worked on product bases and some of their visible works were for Ruposhi Bangla, News Bell, Nirman, News Bharat Biz, etc. With this, some of their web applications are Wayfish, Waypay, Utkarsh, etc.

Mr. Ganesh has given all his blood & sweat to his work. He believes throughout the world, all startups face several common obstacles. However, some of the challenges are particularly unique. India was frequently cited in this survey as having a challenging environment for startups. He has created a milestone in his field by not taking major help from people while he started the company.

He believes that government is doing well and giving 100 pecent effort in to employment generation in IT industry.

When it comes to IT Odisha has become one of the top locations in the nation for the information technology sector since it has all the prerequisites in place for a successful launch. Today, Odisha is one of the important Indian states that make economic contributions through information technology, states Mr. Mishra.

Lastly, he stated that before scaling your startup, it is obvious that everything needs to be properly managed in terms of company culture, financial management, and other areas. Particularly when it comes to such a discerning group as software developers, your organization should be prepared to attract new members with a clearly stated vision, values, beliefs, and employee benefits.


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