Lili Jenamani: Championing Cancer Prevention and Awareness in Odisha

Shaping a Cancer-Free Tomorrow: The Inspiring Journey of Lili Jenamani, Founder of KRIAA Foundation


In the landscapes of Odisha, a silent revolution is underway to combat cancer and bring hope to the lives of thousands. Meet Lili Jenamani, the founder of KRIAA Foundation, a non-profit NGO that has been tirelessly working to prevent cancer and raise awareness among the underprivileged sections of society. This is the story of how a personal tragedy ignited a passionate mission to build a cancer-free nation, one step at a time.

Lili Jenamani’s journey into the world of cancer prevention and awareness started with the heartbreaking loss of her father-in-law to cancer. This tragic event became the turning point that triggered a determination to take action and make a positive change. The loss inspired Lili to help poor families, especially those in remote areas of Odisha, to find the right treatment and guidance against Cancer.

Before her foray into the world of cancer prevention, Lili Jenamani had a diverse career, including HR roles in Kalinga Hospital and the steel and mining industries. Armed with determination, she visited numerous organizations to learn from their work and shape her vision for KRIAA Foundation.

KRIAA Foundation’s vision is simple yet powerful – a cancer-free society. Their impact has been felt far and wide, with collaborations with various countries like Malaysia and Australia to exchange findings and knowledge on cancer prevention. Lili’s journey has not been without challenges. Financial constraints often limit the number of employees the foundation can hire, but that has not stopped her from pressing forward. They rely on support from various organizations and individuals to extend a helping hand to cancer patients, guiding them through their treatment and follow-ups.

One of the significant challenges faced by the KRIAA Foundation is reaching out to tribal communities in remote areas. Language barriers and lack of awareness often prevent them from seeking appropriate medical care. To tackle this issue, the foundation collaborates with local organizations, including Anganwadi workers who directly connect to villages, to provide necessary information and training on cancer prevention. The foundation’s primary focus lies in prevention and awareness. Through various initiatives like annual cancer campaigns and the KRIAA Cancer Conclave (KRICCON), Lili and her team strive to maximize outreach and educate communities on the importance of early detection and treatment. For Lili, the journey has been deeply emotional. She recalls shedding tears for patients she became attached to, motivating her to educate herself about cancer and medical terminologies. Now, equipped with knowledge, she ensures that the foundation follows protocols and consults with doctors before providing advice to patients.

Outside her work with KRIAA Foundation, Lili engages in freelance HR work and trains children. She firmly believes that when actions are driven by good causes, the universe will conspire to help achieve them. With KRIAA Foundation’s international event, ‘KRICCON’, the foundation aims to bring together young researchers and experts from around the world to brainstorm and share ideas that can benefit society and create a lasting impact.

Lili Jenamani and KRIAA Foundation continue to kindle the torch of hope, bringing smiles to faces that were once overshadowed by cancer’s gloom. Their unwavering dedication to building a cancer-free nation has inspired many, making them warriors of hope in the fight against cancer. Lili’s story stands as a testament to the emergence of incredible movements, even amidst personal tragedies, that can change lives and create a brighter future for all.

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