Loss of life due to Paragliding

by Subhechcha Ganguly

A 30-year-old tourist from Maharashtra died while paragliding in the Dobhi area of the Kullu district on the same day, according to two different occurrences. On Saturday evening, a South Korean man reportedly died while paragliding in Gujarat’s Mehsana district.According to news source PTI, the tragedy in Gujarat happened on a school property in the village of Visatpura, close to Kadi. According to the article, 50-year-old Shin Byeong Moon died after falling from a height of 50 feet after his paraglider malfunctioned.

In a semi-conscious state, the victim was transported to a private hospital by his companions, where he passed away while receiving medical care. Shin was travelling to Vadodara, according to Inspector Nikunj Patel of the Kadi police station. On Saturday night, he and his Korean companion went to Visatpura hamlet near Kadi town to meet friends of theirs who enjoy paragliding. Shine flew in a paraglider with a friend.The victim’s friends and family in Vadodara as well as the Korean Embassy were informed of the tragedy, the police official continued. “The complaint of accidental death was lodged at Kadi police station,” he added. Eyewitnesses in the Himachal case said that the deceased fell hundreds of feet during a tandem flight, possibly because the harness had failed. While the tourist passed away instantly, the paraglider’s pilot was unharmed. Suraj Sanjay Shah, 30, of Shirval village in Maharashtra’s Satara district, was named as the victim. He and his friends were on a trip to Manali.

Gurdev Sharma, the superintendent of police in Kullu, stated on Sunday that authorities had been informed that a person had fallen from a paraglider that was flying in the Dobhi region at a very high altitude.


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