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Man receives soap while he orders laptop at Big Billion Days Sale in Flipkart

by Subhechcha Ganguly

When a consumer ordered a laptop during the Big Billion Days Sale on the e-commerce website Flipkart, what really arrived in the package was a couple bars of Ghadi detergent soap. Yashaswi Sharma, an IIM-Ahmedabad student who shared the experience on LinkedIn, noted that while opening the gift, they discovered that it included packs of soap bars.

According to the information from the post, after talking to the customer care representative of Flipkart after getting the order and after receiving the soap in the box, he told the customer’s error and said there was no return policy. Your father shouldn’t have given the delivery boy the OTP without first opening the box, according to the Flipkart customer service team.

Notably, the approach enables the delivery agent to inspect the order immediately while it is being delivered. After this, a one-time password (OTP) is generated, and the product is then finally delivered. However, the man’s father delivered the OTP as is typically required in cases of pre-paid orders, probably unaware of the restriction.

Sharma continued, “I have CCTV proof of the delivery lad coming and going without the box being inspected,” adding that he also had film of the incident. The unboxing then revealed there was no laptop inside.The individual added that when he contacted Flipkart’s customer service, their senior customer support executive responded, “No return possible. Your father should have checked the laptop before giving OTP. This concludes our position. There is no use in escalating this situation.

My father made the mistake of assuming the shipment, which came from a flipkart-assured vendor, would include a laptop rather than laundry detergent. Why wasn’t the delivery boy able to explain the open box concept to the recipient before requesting an OTP? He continued by saying that he would then have to approach the consumer forum to address the problem.Sharma provided an update on the issue and said that his relative has now reported the incident to the police “with the appropriate documentation.”

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