Manifestations can now lead to bankruptcy


Although the idea of manifesting, which entails thinking positively to attract success, is fairly popular, it might not always provide favourable results. A recent study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that people who have a strong belief in manifestation are more likely to have financial problems, including bankruptcy.

Furthermore, those who engage in daydreaming as a habit are more likely to make riskier investing decisions, according to a study done by Australian academics at the University of Queensland. Additionally, they frequently think they can succeed quickly and in an impossible manner. In order to better understand participants’ perceptions of manifestation, the researchers performed a study including 375 participants.Author of the study Lucas Dixon provided an explanation for these patterns. He stated that people who have a strong belief in the law of attraction might be lured to the idea of accumulating riches quickly, particularly through cryptocurrency investments, which are sometimes connected to the possibility of big, immediate rewards. The higher likelihood of bankruptcy and cryptocurrency investments among those with excellent financial backgrounds could be explained by this emphasis on immediate financial achievement.

Dixon emphasised that people who hold manifestation beliefs frequently believe they have control over things in life that are intrinsically out of their control.The researchers were surprised by a number of the study’s findings, including the link between manifestation belief and bankruptcy or the desire for quick prosperity. After participating in get-rich-quick schemes or going bankrupt, people may grow more confident in the idea of manifestation, according to Dixon’s proposed explanation for this occurrence.


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