“Mercedes for employees ” announced by Ashneer Grover


Ashneer Grover, a co-founder of BharatPe, has revealed Third Unicorn as his newest venture. The former Shark Tank judge posted information about his new business on LinkedIn and urged people to join the team as well as investors. Employees who stay with the company for five years will receive a Mercedes, according to Grover. Let’s get some work done in 2023, says the LinkedIn post. Added he, “We at Third Unicorn have been steadily and quietly creating a company that will shake the market. Bootstrapped. without the spotlight. And we are acting in a unique way. radically different”

A slide in the presentation states that venture capitalists will not be funding Third Unicorn. The organisation declared, “We use only desi/self-earned funds,” and added that the team would consist of only 50 people. Not only that, but the 40-year-old businessman also promised to give each employee a Mercedes if they stay with the company for five years.

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