Mukteshwar Temple – A beautiful place to visit

by Subhechcha Ganguly



Odisha , an eastern region , famously known for its cultural richness , traditional beliefs and ancient temples . It is said that the capital of Odisha that is Bhubaneswar, have hundred temples in its ground, the home of hundred temples also known as the temple City of the state.The famous temples are Lingaraj Temple , Rajarani Temple , Mukteshvara Temple , etc whereas the Mukhtesvara temple is a tenth century Hindu temple, dedicated towards lord Shiva . According to the reports , the temple is built in between 950-975CE and also known to be as the monument of importance in terms of study of the development of Hindu temples of the region .


Therefore , the prominent tourist attraction is found to be the earliest work from the Somavamshi period .The architecture is one of the basic reasons why the  Mukhtesvara temple is known to be the “Gem of Odisha Architecture or Kalinga Architecture”. Though the temple is a small one as compared to many others but the experimented pattern showcased a mature phase compared to its predecessors and also culminated a new beginning.


The temple has a porch called torana which acts as a gateway, the vimana and a mukhasala. Also , several sculptures of mediatation poses can be located on the walls of the temple. Several scholars correlated it with the centre for tantric initiation in their respective thesis. On the contrary,in the outer face of the compound wall,niches of dieties like Ganesha , Saraswathi are found.


Hence , today the Tourism department of Odisha organises a three day Mukhtesvara Dance Festival in the premises ,where several Odissi dancers perform as well as several musical performance takes place where several people gather and hereby is a popular choice ar present to visit to .

By Subhechcha Ganguly

Photo by Subha Sanket Pattanayak

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