“My ordinary looks helped me to fetch great roles ” – Shahrukh Khan

by Subhechcha Ganguly

For more than 20 years, Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan has ruled the hearts of moviegoers. Numerous films are evidence that he has established himself as the “King of Romance” in the film industry. In reality, his character was portrayed as a lover boy in his directorial debut, Deewana. In succeeding films, he attempted to continue his voyage using the same picture, but in vain. When he played antagonist or anti-hero avatars in Baazigar and Darr, he stole the show once more.Many prominent actors at the time resisted playing characters with a bad reputation, but SRK took the chance and succeeded in catching the attention of many people who had at first passed him by.

Speaking of the times when he was working extremely hard to establish himself in Bollywood, SRK disclosed that a director had labelled him “average and ugly.” “If you truly think that you can achieve your goals, you don’t need to be talented, attractive, gifted, or related to anyone in your family in order to do so. Everything will come, as it has for me. I don’t believe I fit either of these descriptions. I never imagined myself to be,” the Pathan actor added.

King Khan explained his early struggles by saying, “When I entered the film industry, one of the reasons—and this is a secret—is something I have never mentioned in any interview. I entered the industry for the same reasons other males refused to take on parts because of their thinking. Darr or Baazigar, since I reasoned that I am not attractive enough to be a hero, so why not become a villain and find employment?Additionally, SRK disclosed that a director had described him as unexceptional and ugly. “A brilliant director friend of mine once told me, “You are so plain and ugly looking,” when he first met me.The Jawan actor gave advice to young performers who aspire to be as successful as SRK, saying, “Please go ahead and achieve whatever you really believe in. Do not be concerned about the opinions of others, their presumptions, or their standards; what is proper is how you should be. Just do it; this is not how you ought to be. And I believe everything will work out well.

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