Nirav Modi to be extradited to India soon, loses appeal in UK High Court

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi, who allegedly cheated Punjab National Bank (PNB) of over Rs 11,000 crore, is likely to be extradited soon to India from the UK as he lost his appeal in the High Court.

Lord Justice Jeremy Stuart-Smith and Justice Robert Jay, who heard the appeal earlier this year, delivered the verdict that allowed the fugitive businessman’s extradition to India, according to reports. Nirav Modi had appealed against his extradition where he would face trial in the fraud case linked to the PNB. However, the process of bringing him from London back to India may take some time.

Nirav Modi has the option of approaching the Supreme Court against the High Court’s order within 14 days. However, the condition is that he can appeal in the Supreme Court only if the high court agrees that his case involves a point of law of general public importance, reports said. If this option is spent, Modi is free to approach the European Court of Human Rights.


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