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NOC For Movies on Army But No NOC on Rape Threats

NOC For Movies on Army But No NOC on Rape Threats

“Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.”

The contribution of the Indian Army to our well being and security is immense. But what if someone tries to degrade the army uniform by its erotic presentation.

The above quote is the appropriate presentation of the change that has come in the controversy that is linked with the XXX web series of Alt Balaji. India and its citizens always believe in the law.

Whenever someone tries to overshoot, they are taught a good lesson. But how right it is to give rape threat to a woman in the guise of being a famous feminist on social media and showing yourself as a patriot.

The Ministry of Defence, in a letter, has written to the Central Board of Film Certification,  spurring that production houses are advised to obtain a “No Objection Certificate”,  from the ministry before releasing any movie, web series and documentary on Army theme.

NOC For Movies on Army But No NOC on Rape Threats 1
Official letter from Defence Ministry

In this letter, the MoD has also warned that production houses be advised to avoid any incident which either distorts the image of Defence forces or infringes their sentiments.

“We came to know that some production houses, making films on Army theme, are using contents which are distorting the image of the Indian Army, ” reads the letter by the Defense Ministry.

However, thinking about the hazy situation as for online content, the letter written by the Under Secretary Sudarshan Kumar has also been sent to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for consideration.

The Government of India had given 100 days to all major OTT stage in March this year, requesting that they submit to the guidelines of Digital Content Complaint Council.

NOC For Movies on Army But No NOC on Rape Threats 2
Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor, who is the founder of ALT Balaji which is constantly remained in news due to its illicit content. One of the web series on the ALT Balaji, “XXX” had a scene in an episode named, “Pyaar aur Plastic”, which lay down the show in a controversy.

The show has a scene where a military jawaan’s better half is seen having an extra conjugal illicit relationship while her significant is away on duty. In one of the scenes, the spouse is referred to has her boyfriend put on her husband’s uniform before continuing to have intercourse with him.

Multiple FIRs being filed by activities, lawyers and social media influencers, most of them adhered right wing ideology. In these FIRs two are from well known buddies, one is Hindustani bhau and other is The All Indian Cine Workers AssociationAssociation, due to which whole issues came in the news at such a level that ministry had to mention the name of this web series into their subject line.

It’s  great to see that after multiple FIRs Ekta kapoor came forward and rendered her apologize for telecasting such scenes.

She said, “As an individual and as an organization, we respect the Indian Army. Their contribution to our well being and security is immense. We have already deleted the scene that created chaos, so the action has been taken from our side. We are really sorry for any sentiment that is hurt unintentionally,”

However, In the same thread the producer said in a statement that “we don’t support the bullying and the rape threats to her and her mother”.

It represents the power of the court of law in one context but raises questions on the other hand. The question is what is police, activities and courts are doing for women  who are constantly getting rape threats on social media?

Is this law only for the suppression of women? Because in some or other way a cinematic representation of extramarital affair is allowed with certain certificates and we have seen this type of content for a very long time. So why a female producer is being encircled on this front. Above quote is absolutely untrue in this context.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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