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Odisha Flood Alert Rivers Flowing Above Danger Mark

Odisha Flood Alert Rivers Flowing Above Danger Mark
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Continuous rainfall has triggered a flood-like situation in Odisha. Major districts in Odisha are now on the verge of facing a flood. Rivers in many communities are in spate due to the recent heavy rain.

In Balasore, many river systems’ water level has crossed the danger mark due to incessant rains. Anil Kumar Samas, Revenue Divisional Commissioner, Balasore, said that necessary arrangements of the district administration’s stocks and readiness had been made. According to the authorities, in Budhabalanga water level is at 8.40 meters, which is over the danger mark, i.e., 8.13 meters.

The water level in Jalaka was at 6.90 meters at Mathani in Basta block while the danger mark was 5.50 meters. Similarly, Subarnarekha’s water level was at 9.60 meters at Rajghat against the danger mark of 10.36 meters. Till now, the worst-hit blocks in Balasore are Baliapal, Remuna, Basta, and Balasore Sadar.

Besides, Jaleswar, Bhograi, Soro, Nilagiri, Khaira, Simulia, and Oupada blocks have been affected due to the rain for the past couple of days. The agricultural department also informed that paddy crop had been submerged due to rainfall. The district administration has already stocked medicines and is providing cooked seven dry food to the affected people.

Even the situation in Jajpur is getting worst. Water from the Baitarani river entered into 50 panchayats of Korei, Dasarathpur, and Jajpur districts. The administration has started evacuating the village people from the low-lying areas to a safer place.

They have even shifted people who live in riverside villages to flood shelters. The water level of Baitarani has gone to 19.92 meters against the danger mark of 17.83 meters. Even the traffic movements have been interrupted between Dhamnagar and Jajpur.

Even in the Hirakud Dam Reservoir, the water level has reached an alarming situation. Due to which the dam authorities release flood water through 16 sluice gates.

In the last 24 hours, the upstream of Hirakud Dam received 63.57 mm rainfall while the downstream recorded 86.17 mm. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation, and in case the problem gets worse, then they will be opening more gates to release the floodwater.

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