Odisha Government Faces Warmth Over Growing Mortgage Burden


On Tuesday, opposition BJP and Congress targeted the state government for a serious financial scandal that plunged the state into a debt trap.

They sought a white paper on the state’s economic situation. Opposition lawmakers argued that the government’s borrowing burden and per capita borrowing burden had increased significantly in the debate over the admissibility of residence applications. Credit burden increased from 18,900 rupees in 1999-2,000 to 1.12 lakh rupees, but per capita loans also increased from 6,900 rupees in 2000 to 22,042 rupees in 2022-23.

The opposition further claimed that due to economic mismanagement, the village had no roads or drinking water, many factories were closed, and the youth had moved to other states in search of work.

In response to the opposition allegations, Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari said that Odisha is a leading state in the country’s financial management and is far superior to other states. He also said the state’s borrowing burden was the second lowest in the country. He added that the per capita lending burden in Odisha was Rs 22,042, which is lower than many states. He argued that the credit burden was within the burden required by the FRBM Act.

Dissatisfied with the Nirajan’s reaction, the opposition staged a noisy storm out in the Assembly.

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