Odisha Govt Approves 902 New Posts In Higher Secondary Schools


The Father of the Cooperative Movement of Odisha, the legendary Madhusudan Das, founded the First Cooperative in Odisha in 1898 after visiting the cooperatives established by the Rochdale Brothers. As a result, the cooperative movement of Odisha was historically enriched by some of the best practices of the U.K. and other European Countries. Under the innovative and forward-thinking leadership of Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha, cooperative societies have been playing a significant role in supporting agricultural and other types of growth for the state. The Odisha government has started a number of creative initiatives to provide efficient and proactive governance for all state stakeholders.

This impending hiring is a part of the significant hiring initiative being led by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Departments have been instructed to look for ways to create new jobs while also proactively identifying staffing gaps. The state’s schools are being transformed and updated, and at the same time, new employment requirements are being put out to support the enhanced infrastructures. This year, 106 additional schools were renovated to include classes 11 and 12. The local students would benefit from continuing their higher study at the same institution. Opportunities for teaching faculties, non-teaching administrative employees, and helpers were generated by the addition of these additional classes.

The approved non-teaching staff posts include 24 posts of Laboratory assistants, 24 of Laboratory attendants, 106 of Assistant librarians and 106 posts of Junior clerks.

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