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Odisha Upskill Eco-Tour Managers To Welcome Tourist Post Covid

After the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Odisha Government wants ecotourism facilitators to be well prepared to manage the expected rise in tourists and follow all the safety guidelines.

The Ecotourism of the model of Odisha has received infinite recognition from different parts of India and is the only state with a community concept of Ecotourism.

In this model, around 600 community members are included in maintaining these ecotourism properties, and hospitality experts are also involved in regular training and monitoring.

Not only is that but approximately 60 per cent of community members rural women. Nuapada, Koraput, Sundargarh, and along seven eco-tour properties are under construction. 

The Wildlife Wing of the Forest Department, in cooperation with Odisha Tourism, also held a training and aptitude building program as ‘Eco-tour Managers for COVID Management’ in BBSR.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the national lockdown, all eco-tour properties have been kept closed for public protection. Now Odisha Ecotourism has started training managers and community members to get back the Ecotourism back post-COVID.

Since 2016 Odisha Ecotourism was successfully appreciated, and the booking was made through an online portal-, cash booking, or even on spot booking.

Now that situation is very different because of the COVID, and the management is working hard to make things healthy. The administration wanted everyone in the community members to be well equipped on COVID-19 protocols during the pandemic and after it’s over.

The ecotourism properties will perform efficiently and accurately as they were doing before the Coronavirus pandemic. The primary objective of this training is to define the further transmission of COVID -19 when the nature camps reopen, and on the other way there will be the best service to the visitors attending our destination.

The community members are getting training on different perspectives of sanitization and hygiene. A process is undergoing of implementing all nature caps with sanitization equipment and safeguards. Even the management is planning to start many new ecotourism initiatives in the state.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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