Odisha’s Puri Jagannath temple has unique arrangements for New Year

by Subhechcha Ganguly

After enjoying zero night festivities, people were seen rushing to different religious locations in Odisha to start the New Year by asking the blessings of their presiding deities. People flocked to numerous temples in various sections of the state starting early in the morning because it is thought that one should begin a new year on a positive note.

There was a tremendous influx in Puri, with locals, tourists, and devotees from various regions of the state and nation spending time with their loved ones at the beach and swimming in the water starting in the early morning. A large crowd gathered at the well-liked beach to view the first dawn of the year. A devotee said, “We are enjoying our trip to Puri since we wanted to start the New Year by asking Lord Jagannath’s blessings.” The excitement among individuals was tremendous as the Covid-19 limits were abolished.

“Due of Covid limitations, we were unable to visit temples on New Year’s Day. But now that things were better, we made the decision to seize the chance. Another devotee affirmed, “We have come to Puri to pray to Lord Jagannath and ask his blessings for world peace and prosperity. The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration made special efforts to ensure that visitors to Srimandir may see the Lord without difficulty. A similar influx of worshippers was seen at the Baldevjew temple in the Kendrapara district.

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