Over Two-Thirds Of Indians Say Possible To Fall In Love Online Says Bumble

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Dating app Bumble informed that while the covid-19 pandemic restricted physical meetings over the past year, it also changed dating behaviour in the country.

According to the reports, about 72% of single Indians surveyed by the app think it is possible to fall in love with someone online they have never met in person while 38% would not go on a date or have sex with someone who hasn’t received the covid vaccine. And about 39% of single Indians surveyed tried a video date as their first date in 2021.

The report further added that these insights are based on a nationwide survey of 2,000 people, which was commissioned by Bumble and conducted in June 2021. With the wider rollout of vaccinations among younger age groups in India, more than one in three (33%) daters surveyed were hopeful of dating in 2021.

While during the lockdown, stuck inside their house people have realized what they are truly looking for while dating and the app found that people are now dating more intentionally than before the pandemic – they’re being more honest about what they’re looking for in a relationship, whether it’s casual or serious.

In fact, 74% of single Indians surveyed feel there is a decline in negative behaviour in dating such as ghosting, breadcrumbing, catfishing, among others. One in four (25%) daters said that they now feel less willing to compromise on what they want and need from a potential relationship.

Nearly 54% of single Indians claimed there was increased clear communication on dating intentions and expectations during the pandemic. 48% said there was an increased focus on personality rather than looks while dating during the pandemic. One in three felt less pressure when dating during the pandemic.

The survey revealed that people have adapted to new ways of communicating and dating amid the pandemic. Around 45% of single Indians surveyed believe virtual or online dating is the new normal.

Around 39% have tried a video date as their first date in 2021. In fact, the most popular reason (48%) why single Indians surveyed enjoy virtual dating is because it feels safer than meeting up with someone in person for the first time.

About 35% of people surveyed claimed they were more safety conscious now after the second wave than last year. Vaccination status is essential to many as 38% of daters surveyed said they would not go on a date or have sex with someone who hasn’t received the covid vaccine.

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Article Source – The Mint

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