Pakistan decides to sell 12 lions and other animals

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The animals in Pakistan are also being impacted by the country’s high inflation rate and dire economic situation. According to sources, the Lahore Zoo has chosen to sell its big animals, including lions and tigers, to private businesses for PKR 150,000 (about Rs. 50,000) each. According to zoo officials, it would save both money and space. There are presently 29 lions living in the zoo, and on August 11 an auction will be held to sell 12 of them. These lions will range in age from two to five.Additionally, there are two jaguars and six resident tigers.The lions and tigers at Lahore Safari Zoo now have so many of them that they must alternate access to the paddocks, according to Tanvir Ahmed Janjua, the zoo’s deputy director.Not only will we have more room here, but we’ll also spend less on meat to feed them, he told AFP.The auction is opposed by Pakistani animal rights advocates. They have proposed either relocating the lions to different zoos or providing female lions with contraception. “Once such an auction from the zoo takes place, it would become a business that will badly effect the conservation of wildlife,” warned activist Uzma Khan.

In Pakistan, keeping lions, tigers, and other exotic animals as pets is customary and is seen as a prestige symbol.Rich owners share large cat photographs and videos on social media and hire the animals out as backdrops for photos and movies.
Wild cat upkeep is not only challenging, but also pricey. Eight to nine kilos of meat are consumed daily by lions.According to the zoo’s management, they frequently sell off a couple of its lions and utilise the proceeds to cover further costs, as Samaa TV reported.
Last year, up to 14 lions were sold to people under the guise of a shortage of room at the safari zoo.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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