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Photographia: A Fever

Photographia: A Fever
World photography day
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If you like photography and wanna be a photographer then today is a very special day for you. Today is World Photography Day.  Photography started in 1839, 181 years prior. The Daguerreotype photography process was developed on January 9, 1839, by 2 researchers named Joseph Nice for and Louis.

The degree of both photography and technology has changed totally throughout the years. Presently individuals shoot events with cell phones, in light of the fact that the cell phone has become like an expert DSLR camera. In such a circumstance, you likewise snap a picture from a cell phone or like taking a selfie,  then here we are telling you about 10 photography tricks.

Remember for photography on the off chance that there is an extraordinary camera in your cell phone, at that point you don’t have to do much in the photograph, yet the intensity of the camera is low then the nature of the photograph can be improved with the assistance of applications.

For this, numerous applications are additionally accessible on Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can utilize any application for this reason.

One Actor, Many Character-

Photographia: A Fever 1

Turn on the display of the telephone camera and move the cell phone from base to top. That is, the telephone will be moved from his feet towards the head. For this photography stunt, the article is to put your hands down first.

When the photograph is clicked there, at that point the hand must be turned 180 degrees, at that point move the camera up for a display shot. After this, the latter is to catch two hands upwards with the display.

Underwater photography-

Photographia: A Fever 2

People who don’t have waterproof cell phones frequently whine of not having the option to do submerged photography. Be that as it may, there is likewise a stunt for this, by which you can click photographs inside and outside the water. For this stunt you will require an enormous container of glass, where the telephone goes inside without any problem.

Presently put the telephone in the glass from the camera side. At that point pour the glass in water so it doesn’t get loaded up with water. Presently you can tap the photograph of things submerged. Or on the other hand, you can likewise click photographs from inside the water. Incidentally, this work should likewise be possible with the assistance of waterproof cell phone spread.

Falling photography-

Photographia: A Fever 3

In this photography stunt, it is indicated that you are swinging from a structure. In any case, in this photography you need acting. That is, you need to welcome such an appearance on the face, as though you have truly tumbled from a rooftop. For this you lie on the top where the stepping stool finishes and afterward get the stepping stool.

Presently this photograph will be pulled from the front. You need to put one hand on the stepping stool and the other by hanging down. There ought to be demeanors of dread on the face. Presently click the photograph and turn it.

Upstairs photography-

Photographia: A Fever 4

For this you need to remain on a stepping stool. Presently you need to put your telephone on the stepping stool and remain on the stepping stool above it. These photographs will be clicked with a Fee Timer or Finger Jester.

Presently, one foot must be taken somewhat in front of the stepping stool and bring the other noticeable all around. After which the photograph must be clicked. Presently this photograph will appear as though the photograph appeared previously.

Flying photography-

Photographia: A Fever 5

Looking at its photograph, it appears as though man is flying noticeable all around. This photograph can likewise be effortlessly clicked. For this photography stunt you need to turn on your selfie camera and put a clock and put it on the ground.

While tapping the photograph, remember that the above area is acceptable. For instance, a tree or building is demonstrating upwards. Presently when the clock is finished, you need to hop on the head of the cell phone. It lays on complete photograph timing.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

Image source: Google

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