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Post-COVID, skills not degrees to drive education

Post-COVID, skills not degrees to drive education

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By Charan Singh

The world is going through a transition phase, while the planet earth is healing. Post-Covid, a new normal beckons. In the quest of getting it’s mojo back, the human race is gearing up for a long battle to defeat the virus.

Taking the leaf out of history, human beings are trying every permutation and combination to sustain as a dominant race

Here, the mantra of Darwin’s theory which says” it’s not human intelligence or physical power but the skill of adaptability counts” comes handy.

In the past, the human race surmounted every challenge on the way. Education can’t be seen in isolation in this perspective

Recently, some university students in the U.S protest vehemently against the paradigm shift of university education from online to offline.

The cost of education at the university is not commensurate with the facilities the students are getting. The protest is apt and justified indeed. This begs the question what is the state of world education in the post corona world

In the era of new geopolitical dynamics spelling a new world order, the flourishing university education seems to be a far-fetched reality. Indeed, the education sector is also on the cusp of a new beginning.

As travel restrictions ease around the world post-Covid, education tourism in Australia, Europe and America stares at a collapse induced by Covid 19. This warrants the overhauling of the education system which has been quite friendly towards the rich and affluent.

With the advent of technology and changing world order, education offers a level playing field. Not only the rich but also any common man or woman whoever adapts and learns new skills will stay relevant.

Massive job losses around the world are making things worse for the employees who are used to high remuneration. Post-Covid, many jobs will be up for grabs based only on skills rather than degree obtained from a reputed university

Every crisis throws an opportunity. Hence, job seekers must master the art of being self-reliant and hone new skills in assessing the job market. Structured learning through the internet is a new buzz word.

The rise in the number of webinars bears the testimony of it. It augurs well for the students and job seekers that education may not be that expensive but they must have the prerequisite and perseverance to stay afloat in the changing world

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