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In the midst of the IT industry’s swirling currents and ever-shifting tides, one audacious entrepreneur has emerged from the humble city of Rourkela to make an indelible mark on the digital landscape. Meet Sunny Singhal, the intrepid visionary who, with sheer determination and unwavering faith in the power of data science, founded his company, Venture Saathi, on the propitious day of September 13th, 2022.

As the IT industry experiences a maelstrom of changes, Sunny, like a seasoned mariner, recognized the tempest as an opportunity to chart a new course. With a profound belief in the future of data science, he set sail with data analytics as the flagship product of Venture Saathi. This innovative offering empowered clients to unlock hidden insights, enabling them to make crucial decisions that steered their respective companies to newfound success.

While Venture Saathi’s portfolio extended to a range of services, including accounting, it was their prowess in data analytics that truly set them apart. Armed with cutting-edge tools, they deftly analyzed complex datasets, arming clients with the knowledge needed to navigate treacherous business landscapes. It was this unparalleled service that secured a substantial portion of their revenue from the lucrative US market.

The resolute Sunny Singhal did not confine himself to the borders of his city. Recently, he embarked upon a momentous journey to the United States, where he participated in a prestigious summit. There, he stood among the brightest stars of the IT cosmos, garnering well-deserved recognition for the remarkable work his company had been accomplishing.However, every journey has its own share of challenges, and Sunny’s path was no exception. Operating from a tier-2 city like Rourkela, he faced the daunting task of retaining skilled human resources. Yet, undeterred by the odds, Sunny ingeniously sought talent from the western Odisha region and Ranchi, molding them into capable professionals who would fortify his company’s ranks.

Amidst the remarkable strides he has made, Sunny Singhal cannot help but commend the state government for its relentless efforts to lure top IT companies to Odisha. He is profoundly impressed by the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering an ecosystem that nurtures technological innovation. While he lauds these commendable endeavors, Sunny ardently implores the state government to shine its spotlight more prominently on western Odisha. This often-neglected region, a hidden gem in the IT boom, possesses untapped potential that could be harnessed to transform it into a thriving hub of technological prowess.Sunny’s ambitions soar high above the steel city of Rourkela, transcending geographical boundaries. With unflagging optimism and an unwavering belief in his company’s potential, he aspires to craft a world-class enterprise right from the heart of Rourkela. His audacity and buoyancy become the driving forces that propel Venture Saathi toward a future where they stand shoulder to shoulder with giants of the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of IT history.


As the IT industry continues its frenetic metamorphosis, Sunny Singhal’s name shines brightly, an illuminating beacon amidst the tumultuous seas of technological advancement. From his humble beginnings in Rourkela to the dazzling summits of global recognition, his journey inspires and invigorates, reminding us all that the pursuit of dreams knows no boundaries and that brilliance can emerge from even the most unexpected corners of the world.

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