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Quarantine And Travel With Strict Penalties And Less Enforcement

Quarantine And Travel With Strict Penalties And Less Enforcement
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As quarantine has become a necessary part of travellers to be conducted with proper disciplines of rules and regulations, the prevailing theme is the difficulty of ineffective enforcement.

Salamanca, a social media influencer from the Philippines has been arrested by Honolulu police department. She was arrested on 24 July for breaking state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine.

She got apprehended after the police found her posting pictures and videos with her friends within days of her arrival, where a group of locals informed the authorities. Salamanca’s arrest and public apology is one of the most pleasant, and public examples of the rules under quarantine.

But since the rules of quarantine have become necessary for the travellers, the theme has become hard to enforce.

Within these six months of pandemic government all over the world have struggled to sustain the spread of the virus with a limited workforce and declining resources. Even after that not following the quarantine rules is more often than left to travellers discretion.

The threats of fine and imprisonment and more significantly the honour code state of mind will prove effective. But since the issues of right and wrong have become graved in our ever-shifting pandemic world its unable to counter if the travellers are counted on to the right a thing or not.

Huwaei’s quarantine period for the trans-Pacific travellers have started since 26 March and is applied to everyone who enters the state and who caught breaking quarantine period would have to pay fine of 5000$ or will be imprisoned for a year.

The desire to do what is right has been common, but to define that is difficult as people receive mixed recorded messages. Researchers said that the lack of consistency in following rules leads to ambiguity. Still, soft enforcement remains central to many of the quarantine framework.

The patch of quarantine rules is not dissimilar from differentiating norms regarding made usage and physical distancing which seeds confusion. It depends on one’s own idea of making themselves relief of what are they going to do and how to sustain themselves from the pandemic.

Rules and regulations demand our safety and efficacy within our surroundings. The pandemic not necessarily represents a terrific discharge of outcome but delivers precautions against the virus to keep oneself safe.

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