Rahul Gandhi backs India’s position on Ukraine


Rahul Gandhi advocates for a new production and manufacturing system in which India and the United States can collaborate.Washington: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi backed the Indian government’s stance on Russia’s war in Ukraine, saying that the democratic world had failed to come up with a vision to counter China’s non-democratic vision, and calling for a new production and manufacturing system in which India and the US could collaborate.While claiming that his disqualification from Parliament has provided him with a greater political opportunity than he previously had, Gandhi insisted that his international engagements are not intended to garner support for India’s internal political battles, a key criticism levelled at him by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).When asked about India’s position on the Ukraine war during an interaction at Stanford University on Wednesday evening (Thursday AM IST), Gandhi provided the most categorical expression of his support for India’s stance thus far. “We have a friendly relationship with Russia.”

We have had dealings with Russia. We are dependent on Russia in some ways. So I’d take the same attitude as the Indian administration…At the end of the day, we must protect our own interests.”Gandhi stated that because of India’s size, it would always have partnerships with a diverse range of countries. “We will have better relations with some countries while developing relationships with others.” That equilibrium exists. But it is impossible for India to state that it would not have a relationship with this group of people.”Gandhi is in the United States on a six-day visit.



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