Rajeev Masand Summoned For Hours

Rajeev Masand Summoned For Hours

The Indian movie Critic Rajeev Masand was summoned to the police station on Tuesday afternoon to allegedly record his statement regarding the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput

The devastating news of the actor’s death on 14th June had chilled the spine of the people and left his fans traumatized. While his admirers have been constantly demanding for exigent CBI inquiry of the case, Mumbai police have been investigating for which Indian critic’s statement was recorded today. 

Moreover, Netizens have been inadvertently creating an uproar on social media including Actress Kangana Ranaut, Author Chetan Bhagat, have broached the subject for the cause of beloved actor’s death by tweeting their reproving statements. 

Kangana tweeted, “This is a small victory for all who fought for #JusticeForSushant. Rajeev Masand most vile, vindictive& bikau journalist who mercilessly butchered Sushant’s character is being called to police, even if he feels 1% of helplessness, agony-anguish Sushant felt we’ll feel vindicated.” 

Author Chetan Bhagat equally shared his views blatantly by writing, 

“There is one critic who tried to destroy my career and spew venom on everything I’m associated with. He also tried his best to sink Sushant. His main hates a) self-made people b) less anglicized more desi people and c) confident small-town Indians. I beg stars not to patronize him.”, he tweeted. 

Reportedly, The terrific storm is caused by the deprecatory remarks uttered by Masand who had vainly called Sushant “an overpaid outsider”, “a skirt chaser” in his blinds.

Though the profound investigation has been carried on, and many revelations are still to be made, the actor will be remembered constantly.

 Article Written By Yogita Molhotra 

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