Resilience of Steel

Vivek Rathi

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Vivek Rathi, the renowned entrepreneur who has built a unique brand SAI STEEL INDUSTRIES through his uncompromising vision and leadership, is an exemplar of resilience, Born into a family of entrepreneurs in Kolkata, armed with an MBA from IIM Calcutta and a systems management certificate from GNIIT, Vivek has always aspired to carve out his own niche. After completing his postgraduate studies, he began working with Coca-Cola in Kolkata as an ASM, frequently commuting by public transit, covering around 30 kilometers each day. In 1998, he left his job to start working for his family’s company, Rathi Group, as head of marketing.

His path has been extraordinary, filled with highs and lows, and a learning curve that has seen him go from scratch to generating crores in revenue. He is a firm believer that starting a business is a journey that always offers unending lessons. Odisha, being a state of immense natural resources and in need of steel for growth, was the ideal location for him to conduct business. He moved to Odisha in 1996 but has done business with every Indian state. He has an in-depth understanding of India’s diversity. Taking advantage of new opportunities and gaining insight into advanced entrepreneurship at the Make in Odisha conclave, Vivek’s current business strategy calls for him to operate pan-India.

His company philosophy is inspired by the Japanese Kaizen, which strives for perfection, and Vivek applies this to his life, making an effort to learn and use something new every day. With 35 years of experience and business dealings in every Indian state, he has a deeper understanding of both India’s diversity and its unity. He has learned to adjust his work habits. He used to put in 16 hours a day at the beginning of his career, but with the passage of time, he adjusted his work habits. Nevertheless, he is always there for their office personnel.

Vivek’s counsel to aspiring entrepreneurs is to work assiduously towards their goals, leaving the outcome in God’s hands and having faith and confidence in the Supreme Being. He believes a successful voyage does not need the greatest of all conceivable outcomes but the ability to handle the worst of circumstances. He himself strives to maintain a healthy balance between his personal and professional lives, only doing business during his working hours, and ultimately returning home to his family, leaving all the business and stress of the workplace behind. Faith and confidence in God can be the answers to all questions. He quips.

Written by – A Sravani

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