Robbery of 42,000INR in Bhubaneswar

Mo-Bus passengers robbed 42,000 INR

by Subhechcha Ganguly

A couple was allegedly robbed of Rs 42,000 in cash on Monday at Jaydev Vihar Square in Bhubaneswar, according to Mo Bus, in yet another instance of crime within the public transportation system. According to reports, the couple has complained about this to the Nayapalli police station. According to reports, the pair thought a fellow traveller had taken their pocketbook. The pair frisked the suspect, but they were unable to locate the purse.The victim couple said that Mo Bus employees were uncooperative and that the bus driver in question did not even stop the bus for them for a minute.

It is important to note that pickpocket incidences in Bhubaneswar are on the rise. Even while the police claim to have things under control, the unabated increase of pickpocketing and looting in Mo Bus has only made commuters more cautious.One female student boarded a Mo Bus (Number 16) in September from Ramadevi College, and another did so from Vani Vihar Square.Both of them arrived in Palasuni on time. But before they could arrive at their destination, their baggage were searched for their cell phones.

At least two cell phones were stolen from Mo Bus passengers in Bhubaneswar during the same months by criminals. Even though police sprang into action right away, the robbers eluded capture.

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