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Royal Enfields Interceptor 650 Tastefully Modifies Into Vintage Bobber

Royal -Enfields -Interceptor -650 -Tastefully -Modifies -Into -Vintage -Bobber

There have been several enthusiasts who tried to customise the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 motorcycles into a tempting, styling and a neatly-done scrambler.

This is perhaps because converting the Interceptor 650 into a scrambler is, the only way of modifying it uniquely.

However, the best thing regarding motorcycle customisation is that one has the freedom to explore imagination and transform even the most bizarre concepts into realities.

So, what we protrude today is a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 which has been tastefully modified into a vintage bobber.

Hyderabad-based EIMOR Customs have carried out the entire customisation process, and they like to call build as Regale.

A lot of hard work and time spent during creating this unique build. EIMOR Customs implemented several changes to the stock Interceptor 650 and converted it into beautiful artwork that they call Regale.

Now since the Regale had to be a single-seat bobber, EIMOR Customs need to chop off some part of frame to attain that proper look.

This also led to repositioning of rear twin shock absorbers.
Also, the battery and air filter has to be relocated and to provide a relevant riding stance, the handlebar also replaced by aftermarket piece.

Just in front of the handlebar is, what we think is one of the best features of the Regale, a single-pod instrument cluster, which adds a retro feel.

EIMOR Customs have also used different fenders to impart an old-school visual appeal. Even, the number plate, brake light, turn signals, all have been relocated and replaced for a complete vintage experience.

We also like the colour selection and finishing. And what gives the final build its charm is the brown upholstery.

It is to be noted here that the Regale continues to draw power from the stock 650cc twin-cylinder engine.

No changes have been implemented there. However, the bulky and upswept dual exhausts have been replaced by a pair of aftermarket lightweight straight pipes.

Written By- Mousami Jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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