‘Sala Budhar Badla’ – National Award winning movie to be released Nationwide again

by Subhechcha Ganguly

National award-winning film “Sala Budhara Badla,” which has already been dubbed a mega hit, will shortly be released throughout India. Eminent filmmaker Sabysachi Mohapatra is the director of the Koshali-language movie. It was a part of Sala Budha, the third movie of a trilogy that also included Adim Vichar.
At the 67th national awards in 2021, the movie that most accurately represented Odia culture and way of life was given the prize for best Odia movie.

The story, screenwriting, conversation, and photography moved many who saw the movie with a new makeover, such as sound mixing and Odia language dubbing, during a private screening. They were enthralled by the movie. The response was spoken out loud: “It’s going to be a superhit.” “Two years ago, ‘Sala Budhar Badla’ was released in Western Odisha. The film broke a record by playing for six weeks straight in several halls. The movie’s release throughout Odisha was also anticipated at the time, according to Mohapatra.”Now that the subtle divide between art films and mainstream films has been removed. People have recently begun to only enjoy “excellent movies.” When the movie’s Odia dub is published in all of Odisha, maybe the Odia people will express their support for “Sala Budhara Badla,” according to the film’s producer Kumar C Dev.

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