Samantha gets emotional during Shaankuntalam trailer launch

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Sam, we’ve got your back. Be courageous, Queen. “Sam, we love you” After Samantha Ruth Prabhu sobbed during the premiere of the Shaakuntalam trailer, more of these remarks flooded the internet on Monday. Samantha was present at the Hyderabad premiere of the teaser today. Sam attended it for the first time after being diagnosed with myositis in October of last year.When director Gunasekhar talked at the occasion about the film’s progress, Samantha was unable to contain her tears .In addition to thanking Samantha for attending the trailer launch event despite her health issues, he stated that they had been working on this project for more than two years

Samantha became upset by this and started to sob on stage. The event’s videos are currently trending on social media.
While Samantha appears exquisite in the video wearing a white saree, the sight of her wiping away tears moved viewers to tears as well.

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