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The Havoc Condition Of Odisha Flood 2020

The Havoc Condition Of Odisha Flood 2020
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The condition of Odisha flood is getting worst this year as thousands of houses have already been damaged and lakh of people are still getting affected. Due to the release of water from Hirakud Dam, numerous villages have been affected badly.

Villages like Athagarh and Banki, which are sub-divisions of Cuttack, have been affected very badly. The dam’s excess water has reached many areas like Paikinra, Tentulia, and Chasanra in Tigria block and has completely engulfed.

The roads of this village have completely submerged in water, and the movement has been affected. Seventeen other towns of the league, which has a population of around 18000, have been immensely affected. The floodwater has also submerged the Chandrapa Village on Banki-Khurda road and Huluhula Bridge.

The Havoc Condition Of Odisha Flood 2020

Villages of Bhograi and Baliapal blocks, situated near Subarnarekha River, have also been submerged with floodwater. For the last few days, the people in this village have been stranded in their homes and facing many problems like shortage of drinking water.

As the tube-wells and water taps have swamped with floodwater, people are forcibly using the contaminated floodwater to prepare food. Villagers don’t even have proper drinking water, to which they are persisting on dry food items. 

Villagers have also said that the flood water has desolated their houses and their livelihood as their business has also affected. Along with their homes, shops and other business have also been destroyed due to floodwater entry. People cannot get necessary items, rations, and are waiting for the administration for the relief.

Villagers are even draining out the floodwater by using pumps with their own money. The COVID situation is another problem that the whole world is facing off. Now people are scared of chances of contagious diseases that can spread in the area as people are drinking the contaminated water. Thousands of people are having restless nights and staying awake due to the entry of floodwater.

The Havoc Condition Of Odisha Flood 2020

The flood situation has also affected the vegetables and crops. Extensive damage to the crops has lead to an increase in the price of vegetables. For the last couple of days, the prices of vegetables, including essential items, had a sharp increase.

The supply of vegetables to Cuttack and Bhubaneswar has interrupted due to the floodwater. Prices of potato and onion have increased by Rs 5 Kg in the market. Odisha is completely reliant on West Bengal for potato, but the Bengal traders have raised the price due to Durga puja.

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