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The Pulse of Policy Making

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By, Charan Singh

Dr. Partha Sarathi Mishra, IAS

Just as diamonds are made under extreme pressure and temperature at great depth, a tough person also emerges stronger yet gentler in the teeth of profound challenges. Dr. Partha Sarathi Mishra(The pulse of Policy Making) is one such bureaucrat who rose through the ranks, surmounting many challenges.

Widely known as “The Thinking Bureaucrat” in the policymaking circle, Dr. Mishra’s(The pulse of Policy Making) contribution to Odisha’s development is unparalleled.

He(The pulse of Policy Making) has mastered the skill of manoeuvring his way when it comes to implementing policy.

Being the education secretary, he has given a much-needed fillip to the higher education department by introducing the digitization of the entire admission and examination process.

He also understands the pulse of the students having higher aspirations in the universities which catapulted him to introduce Civil service coaching on the campus of all the universities.

He(The pulse of Policy Making) is truly the agent of constructive change. Dr. Mishra’s career as a bureaucrat has further been embellished by incorporating the digitization of land records in the revenue department. This is indeed a landmark reform.

Being congenial in his demeanor, Dr. Mishra has the uncanny knack of disarming his opponents in the negotiating table through his cogent yet gentle argument. The result -the state leadership has expedited the constructive change.

Armed with razor-sharp information in addition to his eloquence, Dr. Mishra is a delight to listen to. Thus, he leaves his indelible footprint in any forum he speaks.

Hailing from Cuttack, Dr. Mishra enjoyed worldwide exposure making him the most well-observed person. A meritorious student from JNU, Dr. Mishra went on to do his PhD.

His academic achievement is further adorned with an MBA program from Erasmus University, The Netherlands. Having been trained in the Oxford University in public policy and governance, Dr. Mishra has added one more feather to his glorious cap.

Being a productive bureaucrat, speaker par excellence and a writer Dr. Mishra dons all these hats with equal aplomb.


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