The Quintessential Entrepreneur- Mr. Ali Kishore Patnaik, MD- Orissa Diesel Engines


By- Prisita Das

The value of work and recognition has always been an important aspect of any successful entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey.Here is an quintessential entrepreneur who is a staunch believer of KARMA and a man of action therefore his efforts speak his incredible achievements

Mr. Ali kishore Patnaik started with a Diesel Engine overhauling and service unit with 3 rows: of employees in 1992. Then he slowly expanded the business through forward & backward integration of related services. Such as repair of Construction & Mining Equipment, Diesel Generators, Fishing, Trawlers, etc. Now they are into sales, service & spare dealers for the three reputed brands of Automobile & Material handling equipment. These are

i) Ashok Leyland – Heavy Vehicles (Trucks & Buses)

ii) pressure Motors – Commercial cars for Tour & Travel, School Buses, and Ambulance

iii) KION India – Voltas / OM Brand forklifts.

Mr. Patnaik opines while working with Ashok Leyland, he has gained experience & knowledge about the repair of diesel engines. Then he was associated NALCO for stability to get away from highly touring jobs in AL.

During his tenure at Nalco, he found that Diesel Engines were sent to Hyderabad for repair & overhaul because a reliable vendor was not available in Odisha. He saw a big opportunity in the difficulty of NALCO by using his Skill and expertise.

As we all know every business plan has an agenda no matter what, planning is the foremost thing to follow before executing. The stalwart Mr. Patnaik had an amazing agenda before setting up his milestone brand work. He says, there was a big gap in demand & supply for the overhaul/ repair of Diesel Engines then. Then comes the process of Innovation which was started when he began, the repair of an overhaul of a Diesel Engine that used to take 20 to 30 days. However, I started to improve the process to cut down repair time to 15 days, then to 7 days, and finally 24 Hours. Because of Reliable Repair, and Timely Delivery at a Reasonable cost, I started getting annual contracts and expanded over the years.


For 15 to 20 years after starting the business, he put above 16 hours every day to give 250 people the chance to find employment directly, and another 250 was developed a pool of extremely competent teams.


In 1999, Mr. Patnaik was in a car accident that left him hospitalized and caused a significant loss for his business. No matter how many times he lost, he always managed to battle back positively.


He is passionate about training young people to prepare them for careers in the automotive industry and mentoring aspiring business owners. “A significant disruption is coming. Our area of expertise, engines, will soon become obsolete. Green energy and electric cars are the future. So, to survive, we want variety. Perhaps downstream in aluminum or steel,” says Mr. Patnaik.

To ensure customer profitability, the staff is particularly committed to providing excellent after-sales support. They receive the differentiator award in this manner. Quality, prompt delivery, and fair prices continue to be their major priorities for maintaining client happiness.




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