Thousands of people arrested in Anti- Hijab Protests


Amnesty International, a human rights organisation, said that the Iranian military opened fire on the participating mourners and protestors in yet another crackdown on anti-hijab demonstrators, killing at least 8 innocent individuals.

The unfortunate occurrence happened as thousands of activists and demonstrators marched to Mahsa Amini’s cemetery in her village of Saqez, disregarding extensive road closures and boundaries, on Wednesday, to mark 40 days since her passing. Thousands of people were observed moving along the highway, through fields, and even into the river on motorcycles, automobiles, and even on foot.

While the NGO Amnesty described the horrific incident as the result of the reckless and illegal use of firearms, Hengaw, a Norwegian organisation that tracks human rights abuses in Iran’s Kurdish regions, claimed that security forces fired tear gas and opened fire on people in Zindan Square in Saqez City.

A startling 342 people have reportedly died since the protests started. Profiting from the circumstance, the United States pointed its finger at Moscow and stated that it was worried that Russia would be giving Iran advice on how to handle protests based on its significant expertise in crushing opponents. Following the raid, the US has added more than a dozen officials to its sanctions lists.

Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman of Kurdish descent, passed away on September 16 following a contentious morality police detention in Tehran for allegedly violating the Islamic dress code for women. Since then, there have been numerous rallies across the globe, including in Iran. Women of all ages have started cutting their hair in public and burning their headscarves and veils in Iran alone in an effort to defy the moral and security authorities.

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