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Trump’s Twitter Account To Be Shut Down, Twitter Warned To Take Action For Posting Fake News


From Twitter, For Donald Trump, the odds are rising one by one. As the election is still going on, Joe Biden has been announced as the new president of the United States by The house speaker.  Not only is Trump in danger of stepping down as president, but he will also remove the VVIP facility offered by Twitter if he resigns.  According to the Twitter policy, individuals with more than two and a half million followers are provided with cybersecurity along with a wide range of benefits from the company.  About a dozen tweets by Trump over the past week have cast doubt on the democratic process, but Twitter has not removed it.

 According to Twitter, the law does not apply to former elected representatives, but the company has taken such a step because Trump has repeatedly violated the law.  Often the public wonders how the elected leader, the representative of the officials, clarifies how any event takes place.  So the company looks at how the elected representatives are using it.  Twitter has warned that similar steps will be taken in the case of Trump.

 So it has been reported that Twitter may decide to give Trump another chance conditionally.  There will be a condition for Trump that he will refrain from making such remarks in the future or legal action will be taken.  Many lawmakers and human rights groups have called for a boycott of Trump’s account.  On Wednesday, a Democratic leader in Virginia reacted to Trump’s tweet with a tweet urging him to close his account.  “Trump wants to disrupt the vote count,” he tweeted.  It’s not the United States, it’s Russia, so Trump should stop making such nonsense.  Democrat leader David Ciciline said Trump had released a video of him giving false and misleading information on Twitter, so that his account should be shut down immediately.

 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Thursday wrote to the CEO of Twitter to immediately suspend Trump’s account to stop spreading false and misleading information.  Twitter said the letter had been received and would be considered and action taken soon.

By Akankshya Mahapatra

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