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We do not share users’ personal information with anyone: WhatsApp


WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is strongly opposed. The company has been introducing a new privacy policy on February 9. WhatsApp has made it clear that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read people’s private messages or listen to people’s conversations with friends and family. Everything that people serve will be private. This is because people’s personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp has clarified that the company will not allow it’s security system to be weakened.

The company also made it clear that traditional mobile holders and operators store this information. However, the company acknowledges that keeping the records of 2 billion users is a breach of privacy and the company cannot do so.

According to the company, your location is protected by end-to-end encryption when you share your location with someone on WhatsApp. This means that no one can see your shared location except the person who shared it.

WhatsApp says the company only uses phone numbers from user’s phone books to speed and relay messages, and does not share users’ contact lists with other Facebook apps.

WhatsApp says it uses group membership to send messages and protect services from spam and abuse.

Users can choose to delete it after sending it for more privacy. Users can use this feature in their account. Users can download their data and see what information and information the company has in the app.

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