When The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword !

In Conversation with Hashim Khan - The Eminent Author and Open Mic Speaker


Q1)Since when did you come into the profession of writing ?

Ans-1 I started writing when I was 16 years old because sometimes I felt that I want to say a lot but could not find it TB so I started writing because I got peace by doing this.. And later read people like JB John Elia and Aadam Gondvi, got a lot of inspiration. Reading them, I used to feel as if what they are saying is happening in front of my eyes, so I always want to write something similar which is very relatable and easy to understand.

Q2) Tell us something about your favourite genre and some books that have given you inspiration 

Ans-2 My favorite genre is poetry that tells a complete story with rhymes, be it of my life or of any other character like Adam Gondvi’s poem “Chamaro Ki Gali”. Along with this, sometimes such short stories which show different sides of 2 or more characters.. Although I have read many books which had self care, poems, novels and short stories but catch books like “Same Se Muthbhed” : – Adam Gondvi “Naraj” :- Rahat Indori “Kamayani” :- Jai Shankar Prasad These are the books that always inspire me.

Q3) You have gained tremendous recognition while participating in several open Mics. Tell us something about the process , how the preparation for open mic ?

Answer-3 The process of open mic is the same that there are ketch studios which conduct open mic and you get a chance to perform the same 7-10 minutes by paying kch fixed amount but my case was a bit different I write So it was there for a long time but I never had the confidence to go and perform in front of so many audiences in an open mic, but then my friends, who motivated me to go into the open mic and then people liked My poetry and writing a lot.

Q4) Guide the youngsters on how open mics help to boost confidence and how to overcome stage fear?

Ans-4 If you are a writer or singer, then open mic will work as a confidence builder, you will get a lot of confidence on your content. Stage fear is such a thing that you cannot get rid of it till you go on stage, its only rule is that you should have confidence in yourself and your content.

Q5) Finally tell us something about your experience on co authoring in Tinder Paradise .

Ans-5 Tinder Paradise is very special for me because the poem written in it is the most effort-filled poem I have ever written, its name is “Dharma”. I have a lot of emotional bond with that poem because there is no imagination in it, it is based on reality of today’s society, religious people..
I think we all have some unearthly talent which Somewhere it is suppressed and when you get a shock and that talent starts coming out, in my case also it was like that, I was also shocked, for two years from today I started writing to recover from it.

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