When the truth is treated as absolute truth without Sugar Coating in Rakhi Kapoor’s book”


This is Sandhya Ganguly , I am a retired professor of philosophy and had the chance to go through Rakhi Kapoor’s book “Now You Breathe”. In today’s world it is an evident fact that a lot of people have got the courage to come out and speak about mental health which would have been a bit difficult scenario in the previous years.

This book of Rakhi Kapoor brings about the topic of Narcissism and negative behavior in a very simple manner. I lot of times what people disguise as possessiveness or being territorial is often just a narcissistic behavior. Although I loved reading the entire book, there are few parts of which I would definitely like to mention. The book also points out towards the fact that the behavior that you see in a grown up person ,stems down to the behavior one had as a child . If the child doesn’t have confidence in oneself becomes dependent on a person and the behaviour takes a negative turn when they grow up. Sometimes attachment and embeshment (intruding in one’s private space) are misinterpret and thought the same. The books also highlights one of the major aspect that is the social media. The social media has become not only close to reality but its perceived as reality nowadays.
“Now You breathe” by Rakhi Kapoor correctly highlights the fact that how being dependent on social media can not only lead to social media addiction but can also give rise to unidealistic thoughts about the reality .I have read a lot of books in my life and the best part of this book is that it can show you that weather the behaviour you are thinking as love or possessiveness is actually a narcissistic behaviour which is harmful for you and definitely needs a change.

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